North American Power

North American Power and Gas

Note: This is a sample document for illustration purposes. Once Customer-specific information is provided, the appropriate rows will be populated and provided to the Customer.

Contract Summary
Generation Rate


Rate Plan


Service Location

Address will be populated once Customer provides during enrollment.

Contract Term & Expiration

The length of Customer's contract is X complete billing cycles. The contract expires on your «TBD» meter reading date.

Contract Renewal

Your contract automatically renews as set forth in the renewal notice after the «TBD» meter reading date unless Customer notifies NAP otherwise. NAP will notify you 30-60 days prior to the renewal date.

Other Fees

Early termination fee: $0.00.

Right to Cancel

Subject to the termination provisions in Customer's Agreement, Customer can cancel this contract at any time. Customer does not need to contact NAP to cancel. Customer can contact Customer's Local Utility to return to Standard Service or choose to enroll with another supplier to cancel service.

Emissions & Generation Mix

Refer to the Disclosure Label on the last page of the Introductory Packet.

Supplier Contact Information

North American Power and Gas, LLC
PURA License Docket Number: 09-10-21
NAPG's toll-free number: 888-313-9086

Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) Contact Information

You can contact the PURA with questions about licensed suppliers and Generation Rates or to file a complaint.
PURA's Customer Services Unit: 800-382-4586.

Information PURA's Website: